Our Chocolatiers are a Family Owned & Operated Company since 1928"

Known primarily for our panned items and Buttercrunch, the latter of which hasn't changed much since the early days of the business, our company remains a hands-on operation. Buttercrunch is one of the products we still do by hand using only quality ingredients and cooking in copper kettles, pouring the toffee center on a cutting table and cut into 2 inch squares. The toffee center is taken to enrober for chocolate covering in Milk Dark or White gourmet chocolates and slivered almonds are sprinkled on top. The start of the company dates back to when the original owner opened her first store in 1928. She made all the candy and ice cream on her own, initially starting out with recipes from a Fannie Farmer cook book. Since she never had any children, her brother took over the company when she died.