About The Chocolate Poop Company

The Chocolate Poop Company is a specialty candy company based in Westport, MA. The company was started by local entrepreneur Katie McKenna and her son, Connor. Originally formed as a way for Connor to make extra money before going to college, Katie has relaunched the company to bring chocolate happiness to families throughout the SouthCoast. The company sells a variety of chocolate candy represented by loveable mascots whimsically portrayed by characters from land, sea and air in the SouthCoast, MA area. In addition to a product that is locally made, the characters were drawn originally by a teenage family friend, who has since graduated high school and now as a college student continues to come up with playful additions to our cast of characters. With fun products like Whale Poop, Lobster Poop, Shark Poop, Seagull Poop, Camel Poop, Elephant Poop, and the list goes on, the company has partnered with leading retail outlets across the SouthCoast of Massachusetts.